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From "Loehr, Ruel" <>
Subject RE: Ivy-Boost with Eclipse project generation
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2008 13:39:47 GMT

You should open a defect for this.   I'd be willing to help work on a patch to implement this.

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From: Michael Kebe []
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 2:33 AM
Subject: Ivy-Boost with Eclipse project generation

Hi Ivy-users,

this is not directly Ivy related...

I am currently working on a generic continuous integration build system using Ant, Ivy and

IMHO the SCM should not contain any binary libraries. They should com from ivy via the ivy.xml.
I know that almost everybody here on the list will agree on this. Further I would say IDE
specific configurations should not be in the SCM either.

Maven has the Eclipse-Plugin [1] to configure projects ready to use in Eclipse. I think there
should be an Ivy equivalent tool to handle this for ivy projects.

IvyDE handles a classpath container for Eclipse. But there is no generation of the .project
file for Eclipse.

There should be an Ant Task for the generation of .project, .settings/*.

Ant-Eclipse [2] is a good start for this. Currently it can create the .classpath, the .project
(for standard Java and AspectJ applications) and some simple .settings (see [3]). But the
project's last update was 2 years ago and there is no generation of configuration files for

What do you think about such a project? Maybe we could reanimate Ant-Eclipse.

BTW: I think it can be helpful to give ivy even more boost :)



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