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From "Hugo Pinto" <>
Subject Regular Expressions in Dependency Revisions
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 16:56:07 GMT
Dear Ivy users,

I am trying to express a general match for a dependency, and I wonder
if there is any simpler way than implementing my own matcher.

I want to exprfess a dependency that ignores a part of the name of the
jar file. For instance, for the dependencies

I want to write something on the vein of "1.0.1*" for the first and
"2.8*" for the second. I saw that if the lat bits was entirely
composed of number, I coudl just use +; as well as doing operations
with ranges.
Perusing the manuals I also saw support for more complex regular
expressions in the configurations, but not in the dependency
resolution bit.
 Does anyone know if there is any straightforward way to express this?
If not, perhaps someone knows of an implementation of a regex
dependency resolver?

Thank you,
Hugo Pinto
Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics and Computer Games

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