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From Ross Camara <>
Subject Conflict Management w// Extra Attributes
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 19:54:38 GMT
I've run into a problem with specifying dependencies. I have two modules
that look exactly the same (name, revision, organization) with the
exception of an extra attribute. This extra attribute is used to tell the
modules apart. Specifically it is a 'platform' attribute. I am able to
setup and publish into my repository using this extra attribute. However
when I want to make use of these two components in another component I've
run into a problem. Specifically when i specify:

            <dependency extra:platform="independent" org="net.sourceforge"
name="projectX" rev="3.8.1" conf="*->win32"/>>
            <dependency extra:platform="redhat" org="net.sourceforge" name=
"projectX" rev="3.8.1" conf="*->examples"/>
When i use this definition ivy will download which ever platform was
published last and ignores any the other module. I've specified a conflict
manager of 'all' however this doesn't seem to be solve my problem of only
one of the platforms showing up.

Am I missing something? Is this a bug? Or is this use case just not
supported and unlikely to be?

I'm using version 675235 of the ivy trunk.

Ross Camara
Software Developer
(703) 390-9923

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