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From "Fernandes, Gerard" <>
Subject RE: When using Ivy, how do you get your IDE "code completion" to see the jar files that your build grabs via Ivy?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 08:50:14 GMT
You need to integrate the Netbeans project classpath generation
mechanism with Ivy. If you're using a recent version of Netbeans, you'll
know that Netbeans generates an Ant build project file to build your
project. The classpath generation mechanism is part of that
auto-generated project build script. You'll have to insert an
appropriate target over-ride to integrate Ivy so that it provides your
project class-path.

I can't supply any more details than that since it's been a while since
I've used Netbeans. In Eclipse of course Ivy provides a classpath
container which integrates very well into the project build system. 

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From: Kevin Duffey [] 
Sent: 07 July 2008 18:25
Subject: When using Ivy, how do you get your IDE "code completion" to
see the jar files that your build grabs via Ivy?

We are starting to use Ivy in our build scripts. We're wondering how the
"initial" use of Ivy works such that, if project A depends on B, when I
use Netbeans to do something like code completion on a class in B.jar,
it wont initially pop up because I have not yet run my build so that Ivy
can pull down B for the build to work. After the initial build, even so,
if the B.jar is in some location outside my normal <project>/lib (or
what have you) path, my IDE still wont see the jar to allow code
completion and such to work.

So what does the Ivy community at large do about this? Do they do a
"precompile" to pull down the jar dependencies? Do they specify in there
project a ivy local cache to find jar files in.. (and thus, do a
pre-build to pull down the dependencies so that they are there when
adding the jars to the IDE project)?


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