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From "Foreman, Alex \(IT\)" <>
Subject Problem with revConstraint
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 13:34:16 GMT

We use a custom version matcher that loads in default values from a property file and when
rev="default" we look for a property called 'org.module.default' and use that value.


Would match org="apache" name="ivy" rev="default" to rev="1.3" in the delivered ivy file and
also place revConstraint="default" into that dependency.

If we have someone that consumes this ivy that does not load up the properties file we fail
even tho we are using resolveMode="default".  IE it shuld not take into account the revConstraint.
 It is however trying to work this out anyway and causing the cachepath to fail as our default
version matcher cannot find the property.

Eg I ask for Apache#ivy!1.3

The ivy file has a revConstraint="default" in its dependeny and we crash out even tho I specifed
an exact value and did not want to use the default.

My question is:
Why does the resolve/cachepath look at the revConstraint  when we are not interested in it
in resolveMode="true".

Can we :
a) not try to resolve the revConstraint if it is not needed?
B) strip revConstraint out on a deliver so its not there?
C) tell ivy to always ignore the revConstraint.

Can we currently do any of the above 3?

If not do people consider this a bug and should it be fixed?

Many thanks,

Alex Foreman
Morgan Stanley | Technology
20 Cabot Square | Canary Wharf | Floor 06
London, E14 4QW
Phone: +44 20 7677-5732

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