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From "Patrick Aikens" <>
Subject IvyDE and properties
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2008 14:27:43 GMT
I'm in the process of converting a large group of projects to use Ivy
where I work.  During our conversion, we decided to use a properties
file to provide a single place to manage the "accepted" versions of
our external dependencies and use an ant property in the rev attribute
of the dependencies in each ivy.xml - that way, if a project needed to
update to a new version of a dependency for testing, it could change
it's local version to a specific version, but updating the entire set
of projects to a new version of, say, log4j was as simple as changing
one value in a properties file rather than finding and changing every
reference in each ivy.xml that needed it.  Not only that, but we keep
an ivy-configurations.xml and an ivysettings.xml in a support
directory at the top of the entire directory structure for all of our
projects which define our configurations, configuration mapping rules,
and settings - which is set in a property that is passed into each
project's build task via subant while building.  We have a "no
relative paths" rule in our build files for referencing ANYTHING
outside a project itself - anyone adding any form of "../whatever" to
reference a shared resource folder gets in trouble.  The problem is
now that we're looking at IvyDE, there's no way to tell it where to
get those properties... it would be nice if there was a way to tell
IvyDE to load a properties file (or multiple properties files) to be
used for resolving properties in an Ivy.xml file.  Are there already
any thoughts in this direction?

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