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From Jim White <>
Subject Re: Generic build system?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 19:52:33 GMT
Jean Louis BOUDART wrote:

> I've seen a few time ago on this mailing list a thread about "easy ant", 
> but actually there is no implementation of.

Well, I'm sure Xavier may see that differently.  ;-)

Another Ant + Ivy build template system that I like is the one used by 
Spring WebFlow.

> I'm currently working on a generic build-system for my  company, and i  
> want to share my experience.
> ...

Excellent work.

> So if you're interested by this project, or if you want to give your 
> point of view or advices feel free to contact me.

I'm interested in all Ant-based build systems and one of the projects I 
started is called AntAnywhere which takes any Ant script (and its 
associated files) and packages it as JNLP (Java Web Start) so it can be 
"clickable".  The application being for WORA applications more so than 
application building per se.

I also do a lot with Groovy and one of its good features is making Ant 
tasks easily used as functions.  There are also several new build tools 
based on that.


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