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From "Howard Lewis Ship" <>
Subject Mapping Maven scopes to Ivy configurations
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 16:43:30 GMT
I'm starting to experiment with Ivy as a new approach after Maven 2.

I have a lot of artifacts (i.e., all the Tapestry stuff) that builds
and deploys under Maven 2.  That may switch in the future.

In any case, I'm having trouble when I pull down a Maven 2 artifact;
too many dependencies are pulled down as well.

It seems that when I reference an artifact, all dependency scopes
(runtime and test) are included.

I've been trying different variations of the conf attribute in my
<dependency> element.  To be honest I'm not quite sure how this is
supposed to work; I believe that the LHS is the name of a
configuration of my module, and the RHS is the name of a corresponding
configuration of the dependency.

I totally grok the "use your own repository" message, but the stuff
I'm writing is demos and examples where, like Maven, I want people to
be able to build without a lot of explicit downloads and configuration
... so I really want to be able to pull data from the public ibiblio
Maven repository.

Also, is there an easy way to add additional Maven 2 repositories?
This seems like something done in ivysettings.xml

Howard M. Lewis Ship

Creator Apache Tapestry and Apache HiveMind

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