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From "Fernandes, Gerard" <>
Subject RE: Using Ivy with Telelogic Synergy
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 16:34:00 GMT

That's your opinion - and everyone is entitled to one :)

However, like the name SCM - Software Change Management - should
indicate, it should be all about controlling software that you can
change. In other words - software you have source for and can legally
change while abiding by it's license.

SCM shouldn't be about built artefacts - which is what a binary
executable or linked library is. Built artefacts are obtained from their
sources, who no doubt have appropriate SCM processes to control their
code. Their code - and by extension, their artefact - should never have
to be "managed" by you.

Gerard Fernandes

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From: Dave [] 
Sent: 04 June 2008 17:07
Subject: Using Ivy with Telelogic Synergy

Hey all,
I believe best practice SCM means keeping your library dependencies
under version control. I'm kind of disappointed to see what limited (is
any?) support Ivy has for SCM tools. I'm wondering in particular if any
has managed to integrate Ivy with library dependencies managed with
Telelogic Synergy. I've been looking at the IvySVN project (  for a little
inspiration, but would rather not have to port it to work with Synergy
if I can avoid it.

Any help/tips would be appreciated


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