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From "Patrick Aikens" <>
Subject Re: Plea for a forum
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 21:08:38 GMT
IMAP seems a worse idea than a web interface - in addition to the problems I
mentioned before, you lose the ability to tag things easily and gain several
times the slowness.  Searching a large cache of e-mails via IMAP sounds like
a perfectly horrible idea (and indeed, in my experience it is - I moved a
large body of IMAP-accessible e-mail to GMail a couple of years ago to
improve speed, searching and archiving).  I do use Thunderbird at home,
sometimes, but I get more done faster with GMail's web interface when
dealing with my GMail account, and ditching the one-copy-in-a-folder
metaphor for the ability to simply label an e-mail with multiple tags was a
massive productivity improvement over my amazingly complex filter/folder
system when I was using IMAP-based hosts, not to mention the need to keep
several desktop apps in sync with regards to my filter rules.

I'm quite willing and interested to get some pointers on how to properly set
up Thunderbird in this context - anything to improve my ability to
participate, though it would only be from home mostly at that point and I
tend to ignore my computer at home (too much like work - 10 hours a day is
enough for me).  About all I ever do at home is visit a few of my favorite
forums for some idle chat... I think this is the most I've replied to any
mailing list thread since... ever, actually.

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 4:39 PM, Niklas Matthies <>

> On Mon 2008-06-23 at 16:17h, Patrick Aikens wrote on ivy-user:
> > Especially in GMail, your methods wouldn't work.
> I'm not really familiar with GMail or its web interface, so somebody
> else would have to comment on that. I would recommend using a desktop
> client software (like Thunderbird or similar) synchronizing with one
> or more IMAP accounts. A good e-mail software set up properly is
> massively more effective in saving time using mailing lists than any
> web forum software I've ever seen (or can imagine).
> :
> > in a perfect world I would only want mail addressed DIRECTLY to me
> > and addressing ONLY me in the body sent to my e-mail account - it's
> > for personal messages only.
> No, in a perfect world there would be no web forums. ;) ;) ;)
> -- Niklas Matthies

WC Fields  - "I am free of all prejudices. I hate every one equally."

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