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From Jim White <>
Subject Re: Forcing ivy to re-check ivy.xml before resolution
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 16:24:23 GMT
Dave wrote:

> I've tried deleting all references to the module I'm trying to resolve but
> it continues to look for the old value. :-(
> The ivy.xml must be cached somewhere else I don't know about.

I seriously doubt that, assuming you're using an Ivy 2 beta.  If you're 
using a stable release of Ivy (currently 1.4.1) then the problem is that 
the cache is at "${user.home}/.ivy".

If it isn't the cache, then either you've still got ivy.xml bugs 
lurking, or of course, there is always the possibility of an Ivy bug 
(which in this situation seems the much less likely scenario).


> On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 4:32 PM, Jim White <> wrote:
>>I don't know any of the details involved with what's happened with what you
>>describe, but it sounds to me like clearing the Ivy cache may fix it.
>>It is located at "${user.home}/.ivy2" and if you've got a bunch of stuff
>>you don't want to lose, you can go in and just delete the subdirectory that
>>you suspect is incorrect.
>>A "flush cache" option that caused any entries involved in resolution to be
>>invalidated would be nice.  That way this sort of problem could be
>>(possibly) fixed without wiping out the (possibly large) entire cache.
>>Dave wrote:
>> Hey all,
>>>I had an Ivy file with a bad dependency. The organisation attribute was
>>>to an incorrect value. I've now changed that value, but Ivy keeps trying
>>>resolve with the old value.
>>>In my Ivy settings file I'm using a chain resolver which contains the
>>>Local -> Shared -> Maven2
>>>All have the checkmodified attribute set to true, including the chain
>>>resolver itself.
>>>What am I doing wrong. How can I force Ivy to see the new value and

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