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From Jim White <>
Subject Re: what's the difference between ivysettings and ivyconf
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 19:21:53 GMT wrote:

> Thanks, Jim.
> I think I may not make my question very clear.
> Give two examples here:
> Number one extracted from book <<Ant in action>>
> <ivyconf>
>    <property name="ibiblio-maven2-root" 
> ...

Ah, I see. The old name for ivysettings was ivyconf and is changed in
2.0 an attempt to delineate these concepts a bit.

> 3.2. Configuration replaced by Settings
> Configuration used to have two meanings in prior Ivy versions,
> causing some confusion with new users. To avoid this confusion,
> Apache Ivy calls settings instead of configuration the files used to
> customize Ivy. Configuration is still used for module configurations.
> Besides the changes in the documentation, this renaming also imply a
> modification in settings files, which now use ivysettings as root
> element instead of ivyconf, and settings instead of conf element to
> define top level defaults (such as defaultCache, ...). Previous names
> have been deprecated, so previous settings files can still be used,
> but you will see a deprecation warning.


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