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From Jim White <>
Subject Re: ivy.xml, strict location convention or configurable?
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 18:19:57 GMT
I believe you're looking for the file attribute of the ivy:resolve Ant task.

file	path to the ivy file to use for resolution
	Not required. Defaults to ${ivy.dep.file} or nothing in inline mode


2min4roughing wrote:

> I'm using Ivy 2.0 beta2 and I've read all the documentation and search this
> mailing list. I wish to invoke the retrieve task and specify the path an
> ivy-module configuration file. Doesn't appear to be an attribute and I can't
> seem to find any Ant property that I can use to specify the file before I
> invoke the task. Obviously, I can rename the ivy-module file to ivy.xml and
> place it directly in same directory as my Ant build and retrieve tasks works
> because I'm following the convention.
> I would just like to know if I can specify the location of the ivy-module
> configuration before calling retrieve. If its not permitted, it would be be
> a nice feature and consistent with the functionality provided by
> ${ivy.settings.file}.
> TIA,
> Jason

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