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From Niklas Matthies <>
Subject Status constraints on dependencies
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 16:15:35 GMT
Will the new revision constraints feature allow to specify status

More specifically, consider the following example.
Given the following dependencies:

   #A -> { #B;1.7.1 #C;2.1 }
   #C;2.1 -> #B;1.7.2

And in the repository:

   #B;1.7.1 status=stable
   #B;1.7.2 status=unstable
   #B;1.7.3 status=stable
   #B;1.7.4 status=stable

Resolving A's dependencies will result in revision 1.7.2 of B to be
selected. Note that this is an unstable release although A's direct
dependency was on a stable release.

So I'd like to specify a status constraint on the A->B dependency,
i.e. (imaginary syntax):

   #A -> #B;1.7.1;status=stable

And the desired effect would be that revision 1.7.3 (NOT 1.7.4) of B
is selected, in other words the least upper bound of the revisions
resulting from the dependencies that matches the status constraint.

Put slightly differently, it should behave as if the repository only
contained the stable revisions of B. Think of it as a filter applied
to Ivy's view of the repository.

(And if there wasn't any release above 1.7.2 with status stable or
better, dependency resolution should fail due to an unresolvable

If the revision constraints feature supports status constraints, will
it work that way? If not, shouldn't it?

Or what other possible venues are there be to achieve this behavior?

-- Niklas Matthies

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