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From buzzterrier <>
Subject Re: Configurations really hard to understand
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 18:21:18 GMT

I am new to Ivy coming over from Maven, and I too am having difficulty
figuring out configurations (glad I am not alone <g>).  I like Xavier's
suggestion below about providing a set of mappings that are similar to
Maven's scopes. Did this idea get dropped? If so, perhaps you could update
the documentation to show how you would implemented a "provided" scoped
dependency in Ivy.

I have what should be a simple problem. We have an in-house commonToolsApi
that has a "provided" scoped dependency on servlet-api. I build and publish
this jar so it is available for other applications. We have a web app that
depends on commonToolsApi.jar. When I build the web app, servlet-api always
gets added to the lib directory. I know this should be trivial to fix using
configurations but after several attempts, it always gets add. Which means I
really don't understand what is going on.  I realize that eventually the
light bulb will go off, but right now I feel pretty dim.<g>

Xavier Hanin wrote:
> Maybe configuration mapping is too difficult to understand... I agree that
> maven 2 scopes are easier to use for average users, at least until you
> reach
> their limitations (if ever). Therefore we should maybe provide a set of
> configurations and the associated mapping (something similar to maven 2
> scopes maybe), and still make it possible to use your own conf mapping. In
> this case users not needing specific things could almost ignore
> configuration mapping.
> What do you think?
> Xavier
> -- 
> Xavier Hanin - Independent Java Consultant

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