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From "Clements Mark" <cleme...@OFAC.CH>
Subject latest build of IvyDE from not picking up changes
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 13:36:53 GMT


I have been using the unofficial builds (yes - caveat emptor, I know :)
) from for a month or two, with pretty good results. The
latest build (May 16) isn't working too well for me. An initial resolve
works fine, but modifying ivy.xml and resolving again has no effect.

I create a new project TestIvyProject and create an ivy.xml file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" 
<ivy-module version="1.3" 
    <info organisation="ofac" module="TestIvyProject" revision="CURRENT"
    <conf name="compile" description="compile-time" transitive="true"
        visibility="public" />
    <conf name="run"
        transitive="false" visibility="public" />
        <dependency org="easymock" name="easymock" rev="2.3" />
        <manager name="ofac-cm" org="ofac" />
        <manager name="latest-revision" org="(?!ofac).*" />

(sorry about the wrapping).

This resolves fine from my repository, and easymock.jar appears in the
ivy.xml container.

Now, if I add

  <dependency org="apache" name="commons-lang" rev="latest.release" />

To <dependencies> and resolve again, the new dependency is not resolved,
and is not even mentioned in the ivy log. If I rollback the IvyDE plugin
to the 3 April build, the behaviour is as expected.

I'd be grateful for any help with this.



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