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From "Robert Voliva" <>
Subject RE: Success with app servers in Eclipse WTP - Hot Deploy
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 15:40:07 GMT
We have many projects (but two is a simple example) - and if even a jsp
page is changed, WTP with Tomcat tries to rebuild the entire application
(dependent jars and all).

We're *evaluating* whether switching to Eclipse is a viable option for
us.  Eclipse seems to be more stable - MyEclipse seems to be more
inundated with bloat lately - but the managed deploy works much nicer
than WTP does.

We talked about using Jetty, but Eclipse doesn't have a Jetty server
adapter for download through the "Install New Server Adapter" interface
- and it's my understanding that the app servers that appear in this
list are ones that have been marked as working with WTP.

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From: Michael Laccetti [] 
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 10:32 AM
Subject: Re: Success with app servers in Eclipse WTP - Hot Deploy

This question isn't really Ivy-related, but I'll pollute the list since
is an interesting issue.  The WTP issue seems to suggest that if you
two projects open in Eclipse, and if one depends on the other, that the
deployment will trigger an entire context reload.  So, I assume you have
projects, and just don't want to deal with the whole reloading issue?
As an
aside, is there any reason why you are switching from MyEclipse to
And finally, have you considered Jetty?  It seems to have a pretty
established base for being used during test-related work.


Robert Voliva wrote:
> Hello,
> We are trying to migrate from MyEclipse to Eclipse - at the same time
> bringing in Ivy.  All is well with Ivy, but we're having issues
finding an
> app server that works well with WTP in Eclipse.  We typically use
> but the known issues with Tomcat/Eclipse where the hot deploy doesn't
> keeps us from going with Tomcat.

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