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From Jim White <>
Subject Re: How to download files from ivyrepo with the same last-modified date ?
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 17:59:50 GMT
Claudio Miranda wrote:

> At the current customer I am working on, they use javawebstart (JWS) and the
> libraries are versioned at CVS. As you are thinking, ivy is the best
> candidate to manage those dependencies :)

Indeed I think that as well.  I even made a tool called AntAnywhere that 
packages Ant scripts into JNLP, and of course the dandiest way to handle 
dependencies is with Ivy.

The GUI was never quite finished, but I plan to return to it eventually, 
or perhaps someone else may find it useful and finish it...

> ...
> Supposing, you have understand the issue, I gently ask if there is a way to
> use the ivyrepo, to maintain the last-modified timestamp for each downloaded
> file.

What I'm doing in Wings is using the timestamp as the rev.  I think that 
is the correct approach because rev is exactly the field used to 
distinguish revisions and if timestamps are your revision value then 
that is what you need to put there.

Of course if I've misunsterood what you're trying to do, then 
nevermind... ;-)


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