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From Claudio Miranda <>
Subject Re: How to download files from ivyrepo with the same last-modified date ?
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 17:28:29 GMT

    There is a library I am going to use as an example.

<dependency org="skaringa" name="skaringa" rev="r1p8"/>

    Ivy downloads it from

the library info:

The library timestamp is 01-Aug-2005, as stated on the remote repo

    If I download it with wget the timestamp date is  01-Aug-2005

wget -U Mozilla

    Ivy downloads it and changes its timestamp to the current download date.

    Is it possible to ivy to retain the original date ?


Claudio Miranda

Claudio Miranda wrote:
> At the current customer I am working on, they use javawebstart (JWS) and
> the libraries are versioned at CVS. As you are thinking, ivy is the best
> candidate to manage those dependencies :)
> However there is an obstacle, that I will explain. The JWS uses the
> last-modified timestamp of each .jar file to download and update the
> library on JWS library repository at $HOME/.java/deployment/cache/javaws/
> of each client.
> AFAIK mvn update the last-modified timestamp of each downloaded file to
> the current download date, consequently ivy does the same (for maven
> repo). That situation, will make the JWS client see different date
> timestamp between cached copies and remote copies (eg: commons-codec.jar
> 1.3 has date of 2006-08-23).
> Supposing, you have understand the issue, I gently ask if there is a way
> to use the ivyrepo, to maintain the last-modified timestamp for each
> downloaded file.
> A note: I cannot use (for now) JNLP versioning support [1], as it
> introduces another change into the build infrastructure. I plan to use it
> later, when ivy is supposed to be running flawlessly.
> 1 -
> Thanks

Claudio Miranda
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