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From oakridge <>
Subject Re: Global and Local Excludes Being Ignored By Ivy [Config Prblm of Bug?]
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 13:40:14 GMT

Hi all,

**Please read below and let me know if I need to file a bug report.**

The Two Second Overview:
When declaring a global exclude, the exclude only applies to immediate
dependencies, and not transitive dependencies.  This is distinct from local
excludes, which appear to respect exclude statements throughout the entire
dependency's transitive dependency graph.

The Two Minute Overview:
Let's say we have dependencies on Modules A (rev 1) and B (rev 3).  Module A
has a dependency on Module C.  Module B has a dependency on Module A (rev
2), which in turn has a dependency on Module C as well.

A (rev 1) -> C
B -> A (rev 2) -> C

So if one places a global exclude for Module C, it isn't respected by Module
B.  This seems to be because Module B retrieves module A, which retrieves
Module C.  The transitive dependency on Module C avoids exclusion.  The only
solution is to declare an exclusion explicitly for Module A and Module B,
even though Module B has no direct dependency on Module C.  This can get
hairy if many projects reference Module C through a transitive dependency of
their own (like mine with Hibernate and CGLIB).

Unless I am missing something, the global excludes should behave much the
same a local excludes and affect the exlcusion of transitive depedencies.
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