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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Re: Is () supported in path for the filesystem resolver
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 07:28:00 GMT
Did you put (86) in the pattern or does it comes from the
organisation/artefact/... name.

In the first case (special characters in the partern) I would say that
an enhancement request is required to add the possibility to escape
special characters in pattern (I didn't check in the code if it
doesn't yet exists)
In the second, I guess that can be considered as a bug in ivy.

In both case, I think you can raise a jira issue.


On 15/04/2008, Jim Bonanno <> wrote:
> We recently encountered a problem where we couldn't resolve dependencies
>  from a local repository using the filesystem resolver. The problem turned
>  out to be that user put the local respository under a directory that had ()
>  in the path.  The substituteToken method in IvyPatternHelper was replacing
>  the (86) in the path with nothing, and the filesystem resolver couldn't find
>  the local repository.
>  I understand this is not a common case, I am just curious if there is a way
>  around this, other than '(', ')', '[' and ']' are reserved characters for
>  the patterns.
>  Thanks.

Gilles Scokart

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