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From "Matt Reynolds" <>
Subject RE: Probable "configuration" misconfiguration
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 18:56:09 GMT
> Despite the message, the problem comes from the dependency from b;1 to
> a;1
> with conf="*->foo". So the workaround is to put:
> <dependency org="com.example" name="a" rev="1" conf="*->foo(*)"/>

So, I changed the b1-ivy.xml file to read :
<dependency org="com.example" name="a" rev="1" conf="*->foo(*)"/>

And I'm still getting the error:
com.example#a;2: configuration(s) not found in com.example#a;2: foo. It
was required from com.example#b;2 default

Also, this fix would imply that I'll have to go manually edit files in
the already published Ivy repository (aka, modify the published XML
files to include the fallback syntax?), is that correct?

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