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From "Loehr, Ruel" <>
Subject RE: multimodule conversion from maven to ant + ivy
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 14:07:40 GMT
To get a little more detailed:

In my top level module I have a which defines a MAJOR, MINOR, and REVISION

When I call the main build, I have three specific targets:,  dev, nightly, release.

The dev target constructs a version of 2.0.0-dev.   It publishes to a local repository.

Nightly constructs a version of 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.  It publishes to a public repository.

Release constructs a vesion of 2.0.0.   Also publishes to a public repository.

1)  Still not sure how handle versioning in sub modules.   I assume that a submodule can be
executed standalone and I would like to not hardcode values in for project dependencies.


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From: Loehr, Ruel []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 8:26 AM
Subject: multimodule conversion from maven to ant + ivy

We have a legacy project which is maven based.  Everyone hates maven, and we use ivy for other
projects, thus, a migration is necessary.

I'd like to keep the existing file structure as is, and simply replace the build scripts.
       That part is done.     I need some help with how to handle the versioning though.

Assume we have a multi module structure:





What I "think" should happen is that in the root directory I define a file
with the version.   That version should propogate into each submodule.

The ivy.xml in submodule b will list a dependency like this:

            <dependency org="a" name="a" rev="${VERSION}" conf="compile->runtime"/>

This works great as long you check out the root folder and always execute each build from
the top level aggregator.   However, as we develop in eclipse, people must check out each
projects as standalone.    Their isn't a version defined when running in that context.

Has anyone else faced this?   How do you handle it?   In maven, it works due to the sub builds
going to the repository and getting the parent pom.....


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