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From <>
Subject Ivy for C++ source modules
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 14:10:09 GMT
After evaluating Ivy in order to manage modules in a C++ project, I couldn't find a replacement
for our makefile-based dependency manager, possibly because I don't see the last simple missing

We have a collection of reusable modules written in C++. These are combined with application
code and compiled and linked for different target systems. 

Each module is under version control in a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe database.

A target system makefile contains a variable that contains a list of module names with a version
string, like:
MODULES = ModuleA-1.0 ModuleB-1.1 ModuleC-0.9
Before compiling tha target system, the makefile analyses this string list and downloads the
complete source code of each module with the specified version (-> the revision label in
SourceSafe) from the SourceSafe database and puts it in a cache directory. From each module
source code, a library is built and all is linked together. So, I need to describe multiple
artifacts per module.

These are my open questions:

1. Is it possible to write a resolver for the Microsoft SourceSafe VCS? Are there any examples
to follow?

2. Is it possible to specify a module with a fixed list of C++-Source files and ALL header
This could look like:
    <artifact name="src/ClassA" ext="cpp"/>
    <artifact name="src/ClassB" ext="cpp"/>
    <artifact include="src/**/*" ext="h"/>          <======= all C++ header files

This means: An artifact represents a fileset, not a single file.
Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.
Matthias Albert

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