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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Clarification on using configurations
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 17:13:20 GMT

I'm comparatively new to Ivy. Generally speaking it seems to do what I 
want, but I keep having trouble connecting all the dots.

My particular problem at the moment is using configurations. I've looked 
at all the docs and tried the example. But I can't quite work out how to 
make it work in my own project.

I have a project with several sub-projects. I have Ivy happily managing 
the internal dependencies.

Each sub project has compile, test and publish targets and an ivy.xml 
file to control the dependencies of the sub-project.

I have already created an 'enterprise' repository as an attempt to work 
around broken maven2 metadata.

What I can't quite work out is how to select from my 3rd party 
dependencies by mapping the configurations. For example, the Spring 2.5.1
ivy file created by using ivy:import on the maven2 repository produces 
its own ivy.xml file containing configurations like default, master, 
compile, provided, runtime, test, system and optional.

When I use spring in my own projects I only want to include the runtime 
dependencies in my own compile and test classpaths.

Lets assume that my own configurations are  mycompile and mytest and I 
want to specify a dependency on spring in my ivy.xml.

Without dependencies it would be something like:

<dependency org="org.springframework" name="spring" rev="2.5.1" />

I feel that I should then add some kind of 'conf' setting but I can't 
quite seem to work it out.

Does anyone have any suggestions


Alan Chaney

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