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From Chris Hane <>
Subject Re: Ivy RoundUp Repository - feedback requested
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 04:22:54 GMT
Archie - thanks!

I think have a meta repository is a great step.  I have been following ivy 
for a while.  I have on my todo list to replace (enhance) our project build 
files to use Ivy.  However, I have been dragging my feet because I don't 
want to build all of the ivy files that I will need.  I think having a 
repository where ivy files can be shared is great - it's just icing that we 
can have a plugin for ivy to do a lot of the repacking work.

I've noticed that you put up an initial list of ivy files.  Do you have a 
process for adding more?  Submit patches to the issue tracker?

Also, a general request - does anyone have a hibernate ivy file they would 
like to contribute?  That's always been the one I started with and have 
always stopped with it due to lack of time to figure everything out.


Archie Cobbs wrote:
> Hello fellow Ivy users,
> I'd like to announce a new little project I've started, and ask for your
> feedback (and help, if interested).
> This project has two basic parts...
>    1. *Builder Resolver*<>:
>    a new Ivy resolver that accesses ivy files and "build instructions" from an
>    online "builder" repository. "Builder" repositories contain ivy.xml files
>    but no artifacts. To get the artifacts, the build instructions are
>    downloaded from the repository and executed locally. These instructions
>    specify additional resource(s) to download and how to build the artifacts
>    from them, for example, by downloading a project's original distribution
>    archive directly from their web site and extracting the desired artifacts.
>    2. *Ivy RoundUp Repository* <>: an
>    online, open-source community "Builder" repository for all Ivy users.
> Please click the links for more info and documentation.
> I am lobbying to get the builder resolver added into Ivy itself; right now
> it's still in patch form (you can download a pre-built ivy.jar from the
> project website).
> Some motivations for starting this project:
>    1. Ivyrep is no longer maintained, but we need a decent community Ivy
>    repository that everyone can share
>    2. Hosting hundreds of large files that are just copies of the same
>    files available elsewhere is expensive and redundant, so let's avoid doing
>    that
>    3. 99% of projects out there do not publish ivy.xml files, so we need
>    a community project that focuses on developing and maintaining them
>    4. To get the most out of Ivy, there needs to be a consistent set of
>    guidelines for creating ivy.xml files: how to choose organization names,
>    philosophy for defining configurations, etc. A community project supported
>    by Ivy users can provide this.
> What I want to do is gauge interest in this idea and ask for any volunteers
> who'd like to start adding and maintaining meta-data for their favorite
> projects. The Ivy RoundUp repository is online now, though only as a
> proof-of-concept (it only contains a few modules so far). Take a look and
> you should be able to get the general idea:
> In the worst case, if nobody else is interested, I will just use this for
> myself -- it's already working better than what I was doing (i.e., checking
> in giant ZIP files into Subversion and creating a project for every one to
> publish into our private Ivy repository), and in any case the work of
> setting it up is already done. Note also anyone could create their own
> private builder repository using this project as well.
> In the best case, we'll put together a piece of infrastructure that all Ivy
> users can really benefit from.
> Let me know what you think.
> Thanks,
> -Archie

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