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From Jim White <>
Subject Classifier frustration
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2008 23:30:11 GMT
Hello Xavier and friends!

I've been lurking around Ivy for a long while and am glad to see it 
close to being released as Apache Ant software.

Today I tried to sort out a problem someone was having using JSON-lib 
with Groovy and ran smack into a M2 classifier.  So I workaround it sort 
of this way:

    info(organisation:"org.ifcx", module:"WingsIvyTest")
    dependencies {
        dependency(org:'net.sf.json-lib', name:'json-lib', rev:'2.2.1'
                   , conf:'default->runtime') {
            artifact(name:'json-lib', type:'jar',

Naturally that is not so satisfying, so then I see this ("Re: How can I 
retrieve binary files and source files in one shot"):

which makes me think, Aha! but alas no joy because if I try to make an 
Ivy like that I get:

    info(organisation:"org.ifcx", module:"WingsIvyTest")
    dependencies {
        dependency(org:'net.sf.json-lib', name:'json-lib', rev:'2.2.1', 
conf:'default->runtime') {
            artifact(name:'json-lib', type:'jar', classifier:'jdk15')
: syntax errors in ivy file: java.text.ParseException: [xml parsing: 
file:/tmp/ifcx-wings-ivy-23918.xml:5:65: cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: 
Attribute 'classifier' is not allowed to appear in element 'artifact'. 
in file:/tmp/ifcx-wings-ivy-23918.xml

Same problem if I try that in 'dependency'.  I look into the ivy.xsd in 
SVN and see that indeed there is no 'classifier' anywhere, nor is there 
in the related Java files.

I then find the code which uses a classifier in a POM 
which it hands off to ivy.resolve(File), and so I think Aha! again and 
set about trying to give the Ivy Ant resolve task a POM, but that 
doesn't seem to be working out either, although perhaps I just need to 
do further debugging.

Is it possible to use a POM with the Ivy Ant tasks?  What do I need to 
do to use a classifier from the Ant tasks?  It's possible I could use 
the Ivy Java API, but I'm trying to avoid tying my implementation too 
closely to Ivy's internals and Ant tasks are preferred.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

And if you want to get a peek at Ivy integrated with Groovy inside 
OpenOffice, you can try it out here:

It's the "IFCX Wings" literate scripting document that is enabled by 
GroovyForOpenOffice, but you can just look at the document without using 
G4OO for the macro.


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