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From Jing Xue <>
Subject Re: developer local override of dependencies
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 03:40:32 GMT
On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 04:54:01AM -0500, Shawn Castrianni wrote:
> Use Case 2: Now let's say that a different developer wants to do the
> same workflow but he is working in modules A and C instead of B and C.
> Just like the other developer he publishes his changes to C locally to
> a private repo.  However, when he does a resolve/retrieve from A, it
> does NOT pick up the private copy of C in the local repo.  This is
> because A uses the "latest" rule to get B which it find in the public
> repository.  Then IVY looks up C transitively by using the specific
> revision of C that was used to build the revision of B already found.
> Since this specific revision of C is used in the lookup, it won't find
> the private local C since who know what revision number it has.

Sorry to answer with a question, but if C is being changed, shouldn't
the developer also be required to make sure the changes didn't break B?
IOW, B always needs to be rebuilt and tested against the local C before
checking C in. And in doing so, there would always be a local snapshot
of B depending on the local C, right?

Jing Xue

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