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From ar92 <>
Subject Re: Issues with install and iBiblio
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 09:33:49 GMT

The cleancache fixed the problem I had with log4j dependencies, but as you
said there are jars missing or unretrievable.  For me it bombed when getting
jmx, but at least the dependencies from the POM are now in the ivy file in
the local repo.

I've since changed the test task to be like this:

    <target name="install" description="--> copy files to the local
        <ivy:cleancache />        
        <ivy:install matcher="glob" from="libraries2" to="libraries3"
overwrite="true" transitive="true" organisation="org.apache.ant"
module="ant" revision="1.6.5" />
        <ivy:install matcher="glob" from="libraries2" to="libraries3"
overwrite="true" transitive="true" organisation="org/apache/ant"
module="ant" revision="1.7.0" />
        <ivy:install matcher="glob" from="libraries2" to="libraries3"
overwrite="true" transitive="true" organisation="log4j" module="log4j"
revision="1.2.15" />

What I'm seeing now is that Ant 1.6.5 is not found (and is thus ignored),
and then the ant 1.7.0 installation attempt provokes a crash with the same
kind of "bad organisation" error that I was getting before.    

Xavier Hanin wrote:
> For log4j, it's supposed to work. Did you clean your cache between your
> attempts? I've made a quick test, and it quite works:
> It attempts to install transitive dependencies, but some are missing
> (javax.mail is  a dependency of log4j but is not available in maven repo).
> We have bad error reporting in this case (you need to use verbose mode to
> get details), but it works pretty well.
> For the second attempt, Ivy is not able to list the revisions of the
> module
> in a maven 2 repository yet, and thus do not install anything. This is
> somewhat related to IVY-503, but it deserves its own issue. Could you open
> one?
> For your third attempt, I'm not sure we'll be able to handle this, because
> we'd need to introduce some kind of recursion when looking for
> organization
> names. This would be nice (and is also required to fully fix IVY-503), but
> very time consuming once implemented.
> Xavier

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