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From Ylan Segal <>
Subject Newbie -- how to set ivy.lib.dir
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 18:20:18 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am just starting out with ivy, and tried searching in the archive and 
docs, but can't find a solution to my seemingly simple problem.

I want to direct the copying of jars from <ivy:retrieve> to a specific 
directory, instead of the default ivy.lib.dir. For example:

<ivy:retrieve sync="true" 

copies the jars into the lib directory as expected. However using:

<ivy:retrieve sync="true" pattern="test/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"/>

does not copy the jars, even thought the output from ivy says it did. It 
seems that the pattern *has* to start with ${ivy.lib.dir} for it to 
work. Is this the case?

Also, I tried setting ivy.lib.dir in the build.xml file (first thing in 
the file) to a different value. Doing that results in no files being 
copied either.

What am I missing? I just want <ivy:retrive> to copy the files to a 
specific directory!



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