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From Neil Lott <>
Subject Re: defaultLatestStrategy
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:53:23 GMT
Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the feedback.

Its a decision our team has made that we want to keep the same version  
number until we branch and in our case it was a preference among the  
team as a whole.

I tried the checkUpToDate -- here's my settings file and it looks like  
the cache always resolves to the old version.

   <settings defaultResolver="chained" checkUpToDate="true"/>

	<caches default="twc-cache" checkUpToDate="true">
	  <cache name="twc-cache" basedir="${ivy.cache.dir}"/>

	<chain name="chained">
		<filesystem name="local" checkmodified="true">
			<ivy pattern="${ivy.local.repository.dir}/[organisation]/[module]/ 
         	<artifact pattern="${ivy.local.repository.dir}/ 
		<filesystem name="shared" checkmodified="true">
			<ivy pattern="${server.root}/ivy/repository/[organisation]/[module]/ 
         	<artifact pattern="${server.root}/ivy/repository/ 

I also looked at the ivy:resolve task but didn't see the changing  
attribute in the beta version or the beta.  I saw the  
changing variable that can be set, is that what you are referring to?


On Mar 13, 2008, at 4:37 PM, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

> Hello Neil,
> I do not know whether this is possible with ivy.
> I am using ivy in my project for about 40 applications and libraries.
> We are generating new build labels for each successful build and we  
> do not have this issue.
> Is there a particular reason why you are always using the same label ?
> There is an attribute changing for the ivy:resolve task, maybe this  
> is what you are looking for to tell ivy : I am using always the same  
> revision but what this revision is actually can change. Xavier ?
> In the settings file, the attribute checkUpToDate is defined as :
> Indicates if date should be checked before retrieving artifacts from  
> cache
> It does not sound like it is interesting for this use case [but  
> maybe I am wrong].
> Regards,
> Antoine
> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>> Datum: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:26:38 -0600
>> Von: Neil Lott <>
>> An: Ivy User User <>
>> Betreff: defaultLatestStrategy
>> Would someone explain how to accomplish this with ivy?
>> Here's my use case:
>> I have multiple modules that publish artifacts.
>> When they publish the revision number stays the same.
>> However, if they do publish I want other modules to recognize that a
>> new revision of the module has been published.
>> I tried this in my settings file with no luck.
>> <ivysettings>
>>   <settings defaultResolver="chained" checkUpToDate="true"
>> defaultLatestStrategy="latest-time"/>
>> Neil

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