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From "Jan Vissers" <>
Subject Problem with resolve (ivy.deps.changed) and timestamp of ivy.xml
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 15:26:22 GMT
Wondering anyone has seen this before.

I use ANT to process a built via subant that calls dependent project in
the right order. This looks a bit like this:

  start built 'reusable library'
              => code has changed, so
              => eventually a publish call is done to the local repository,
                 this is done in order for the dependent project to pick up
                 the changed artifact.

  start built 'higher level project'
              => call 'resolve', so by using ivy.deps.changed
              => we call 'retrieve' conditionally, and
                 this way create updated version of the higher level artifact

This isn't working however ... ivy.deps.changed is always false.

First question: when is ivy.deps.changed?
Only when there are actually new dependencies declared or existing ones
removed, or whenever the 'ivy.xml' timestamp has been changed. i.e. what's
in the cache is older that what's in the repository?

Second question: why is it that after the publication to local repository
of the 'reusable library' all files have a new timestamp (.jar, .md5, ...)
that is all *but ivy.xml* which keeps its 'old' timestamp. If resolve is
checking the timestamp of the ivy.xml in the local repository I can
imagine why ivy.deps.changed remains at false.

Hope somebody has an idea?


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