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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: ivy integration with automated build tools
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 18:24:27 GMT

Le 15 févr. 08 à 18:09, Shawn Castrianni a écrit :

> I have my standalone ivy builds working great such that any  
> developer can build and retrieve dependencies.  However, now I am  
> trying to get automated builds going for continuous integration,  
> scheduled nightly builds, etc.  I was curious what people out there  
> are using.  I always run into the problem of coordinating the  
> automated build systems build numbers and ivy's build numbers.  It  
> would be great if they could be the same such that a developer could  
> look at the automated build website and see builds with numbers that  
> match the number in the ivy repository.
> I also see overlap in functionality between ivy and automated build  
> systems with dependency management, publishing, and promotion.  I  
> have all of that working with ivy and am wondering if I just ignore  
> those aspects of the automated build system in favor of ivy?

I think these are two different things. It seems that you are using  
mainly Ivy for your build system. Then there is a continuous  
integration app which will check developer's work, check the  
integration between the developers. So in fact the continuous  
integration app should run the build system as it is expected to run,  
so with Ivy, so I would say that the app should use Ivy to manage  
But continuous integration app generally doesn't have Ivy support, so  
you will have to translate the Ivy dependencies declaration into the  
CI app configuration.

I know that Cruise Control has some xml configuration, so you would be  
able to generate cruise control settings from ivy.xml via some XSL.  
Same for Hudson, it use XML configuration files. Even more with Hudson  
I have tried to make an Ivy plugin for Hudson [1]. Unfortunately the  
company I work for was not interested in using Hudson, so I didn't get  
the time to properly finish it.

And finally about the build number pushed into the artifact name, I  
know Hudson to have a external HTTP API. See for instance:$hudson-core/lastBuild/buildNumber

. Not exactly what you are asking for, but you could probably try  



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