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From "Brown, Carlton" <>
Subject RE: How to resolve when the jarfile name is different from the module?
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2008 14:21:52 GMT
I did, and that also did not work with the resolver I was using (http).

When I switched to fs resolver it worked OK.  I wish the docs were more
explicit when describing behavior that only works with certain

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From: Gilles Scokart [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 3:20 AM
Subject: Re: How to resolve when the jarfile name is different from the

Did you tried <include type="jar"/> or <include ext="jar"/> ?


2008/2/18, Brown, Carlton <>:
> Hi all,
> I am having a problem retriving artifacts where the artifact filename 
> does not match the module name declared in the ivy file.
> I have a repository to handled 3rd-party jars, structured like:
> Org/module/revision = omega/libs/1.0
> The 1.0 dir contains large number of jars, none of which have 'omega' 
> or 'libs' or '1.0' in the name.  (Long story, basically they are 
> supplied by a 3rd party with no dependency info).
> I just want to get all of the jars contained in rtjars/1.0 .  However,

> Ivy looks just for the nonexistent rtjar.jar and rtjar-1.0.jar, then 
> displays the warning "unresolved dependencies" and stops trying to 
> resolve.
> Here's the ivy file of the dependency module 'libs':
> <ivy-module version="2.0">
>   <info organisation="omega" module="libs" revision="1.0" />
>         <publications>
>                 <artifact name="foo" type="jar" ext="jar" />
>                 <artifact name="bar" type="jar" ext="jar" />
>                 <artifact name="baz" type="jar" ext="jar" />
>         </publications>
> </ivy-module>
> Here's the ivy file of the dependent:
>     <dependencies>
>         <dependency org="omega" name="libs" rev="1.0">
>                 <include name="*.jar"/>
>         </dependency>
>     </dependencies>
> I expected the include would generalize the request to pick up all the

> jars, but this didn't happen.  What should I be doing?
> Thanks,
> Carlton
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