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From Juha Ranta <>
Subject Re: Continuous integration and deciding whether to build
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 23:20:49 GMT

I know pretty well what I'd like to do: check if there are any changes  
in CVS or in the resolved dependencies since the last build, and if  
there are, trigger a new build. However, there are kind of chicken and  
egg problems because, for instance, to see if there are changes in the  
dependencies, I need to do a resolve, and typically that resolve is  
done during the Ant build task. It seems that to get this to work the  
way I want, I'd need to insert the checking part inside the project's  
Ant build, which complicates the build script, or else do one resolve  
outside the Ant build and then another during the actual build.

I could also do it so that when a project finally does its Ivy  
publish, it generates a buildlist from the leaf to the root and then  
evokes the build scripts of those projects that depend on it, but this  
leaf build never gets triggered if there is no other process polling  

I'll have to think about this more later, but not right now, since  
it's Friday! Thanks to all for all of the help.

On 29.2.2008, at 23:56, Shawn Castrianni wrote:

> Here is link to that discussion:
> ---
> Shawn Castrianni
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> From: Juha Ranta []
> Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 3:53 PM
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> Subject: Re: Continuous integration and deciding whether to build
> On 29.2.2008, at 23:37, Shawn Castrianni wrote:
>> You probably could somehow use the ivy:repreport task to get xml
>> version of reporting metadata about what versions are out there and
>> stuff.  Then you could use the oopsconsultancy xmltask to scan the
>> xml report files to check if something has changed.  Obviously,
>> there are a lot of details I am leaving out, but I did post a
>> previous message to this mailing list where I did something similar
>> and showed my ANT source code for it.  I used the report task and
>> scanned the xml report file with the xmltask.
> Thanks! I'll look to it.
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