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From "Foreman, Alex \(IT\)" <>
Subject RE: ivyde again
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 09:57:57 GMT
I would like to add to this.

We have chosen Ivy and so far have found it absolutly brilliant.

We do need a Single Source of dependencies for shell, EclipseIDE and
IntelliJ however.  This is a must.
The EclipseIDE plugin is mandatory for us to roll out for all

Contary to this we are using a xoocode release (from december I belive)
and have found it to be stable and working well.

You could be less critical and help the developers by explaining the
exact points which are not working for you and give your EclipseIDE
version and IvyDE version to help them pinpoint what Is wrong.

I have found no problems at all with the latest.

The only things I would like is that the ivy editor is automattically
set to default for Ivy files (currently I have to do this by hand (and
auto complete works great btw)).

I would like to know if there is a more concrete release date for the
full release of IvyDE however.  I'm presuming there will be a final
version to coincide with Ivy 2 Full.  Like Andreas says it's a major
blocker for us to not have IvyDE, but its certainly not blocking us atm.


Alex Foreman
Morgan Stanley | Technology
20 Cabot Square | Canary Wharf | Floor 06
London, E14 4QW
Phone: +44 20 7677-5732

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From: Andreas Sahlbach [] 
Sent: 08 February 2008 09:49
Subject: ivyde again

Sorry that I have to raise this issue again, but I have no choice.

The current unofficial Ivyde build does not work with Ivy 2.0 beta 1. I
have to say that Ivy without Ivyde is _absolutely useless_ for me. My
build will work with the new Ivy but a whole team of developers cannot
work without a working Ivyde therefore using Ivy without Ivyde is not

And don't tell me that I don't need to use Ivyde. It's hard enough for
me to give reasons for using Ivy instead of the "standard buildsystem"
maven. The Mavenide and classpath container works flawless. Even if the
idea was stolen from Ivyde, the classpath container for maven works way
more fluid than Ivyde ever did in the past and has even more features
than Ivyde now.

GUI sells. That's a fact that everyone knows in this business. So if you
want to "sell" more Ivy installations, then build this darn Ivyde!

I know: "it's open source" and "you can do it yourself" etc. I tried and
I failed. It's probably my missing knowledge about eclipse plugin
development or the lack of any kind of build documentation in Ivyde or
the fact that the bootstrapping build does now work, I dunno. Well the
last prolly not, I think I've fixed that temporarily. I also fixed the 2
lines of code that prevent Ivyde to work with the 2.0 beta 1 but I can't
get eclipse to create a working Ivyde. Eclipse simply ignores my new
Ivyde and I don't know why.

This situation is critical for me and has to change. There are a number
of bugs in the last official build of Ivy and we need to upgrade. If
this situation regarding Ivyde does not change soon, I cannot justify my
decision for Ivy any longer and will have to present an alternative.
This would be a pity because of all the work I've put into the current
build system and into Ivy but again: I have no choice.

So please: Give Ivede more attention. It's way more important than you

Andreas Sahlbach

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