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From Neil Lott <>
Subject publishing a pom to the repository
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 19:58:35 GMT
I'm using a maven-style local repository and I'd like to keep it using  
pom files and not ivy.xml files.

In other words if I have an artifact in my repository, I'd like it to  
be identified by a pom-style xml file not an ivy-style xml file.

So here's an example from my repository:

[maven@azurite repository]$ cd joda-time/joda-time/
[maven@azurite joda-time]$ ls
[maven@azurite joda-time]$ cd 1.5/
[maven@azurite 1.5]$ ls
joda-time-1.5.jar  joda-time-1.5.pom
[maven@azurite 1.5]$ cat joda-time-1.5.pom
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Here's what I've done.  Before I publish my artifact to the repository  
I do the following

			<ivy:makepom ivyfile="${basedir}/ivy.xml" pomfile="${basedir}/ 
			   <mapping conf="default" scope="server"/>

	        <ivy:publish artifactspattern="@{jar-dir}/[artifact].[ext]"

But during my publish I always see:

[ivy:publish] 	published ivy to /home/maven/repository/twc/mas-coredn- 

This is confusing because in my resolver configurations my ivy pattern  
is set to look for poms

  <settings defaultResolver="chained" checkUpToDate="true" />

	<chain name="chained">
		<filesystem name="local" changingPattern="none" latest="latest-time">
			<ivy pattern="${ivy.settings.dir}/repository/[organisation]/ 
        	<artifact pattern="${ivy.settings.dir}/repository/ 
		<ssh name="shared" user="maven" userPassword="maven"  
host="" changingPattern="none" latest="latest-time">
			<ivy pattern="/home/maven/repository/[organisation]/[module]/ 
        	<artifact pattern="/home/maven/repository/[organisation]/ 

Why would the publish task be smart enough to realize that if the  
extension is .pom then when a ivy-publish happens use the generated  
pom instead of pushing the ivy.xml file?



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