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From "Alan Romaniuc" <>
Subject Newbie questions about ivy files, artifacts and poms
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 01:51:30 GMT

It is possible to configure ivy in the following scenario:
1) Look for ivy files in a local folder
2) Search in ibiblio for not found local ivy files
3) Search in ibiblio for pom files
4) Search anywhere else for ivy files

5) If a file can be found in cache, get from there
6) Download files not found from repo 2
7) Keep searching other repos.

I have the following ivysettings file:

    <property name="ivy.local.default.root"
value="${ivy.default.ivy.user.dir}/local" override="false"/>
    <property name="ivy.local.default.ivy.pattern"
    <property name="ivy.local.default.artifact.pattern"
    <settings defaultResolver="default"/>
        <chain name="default" >
            <ibiblio name="ibiblio" m2compatible="true" usepoms="true" />
            <url name="wicket-stuff" m2compatible="true">
            <filesystem name="local-ivy" >
So,. lets suppose that I have a hibernate and wicket dependency.
hibernate has a local ivy file, but wicket not. I also do not have a
hibernate jar in cache, so it should download from ibiblio or
wicket-stuff respecting my ivy file. There is not a wicket ivy file,
so it would try ivy files from anywhere else or pom files.

When I use that configuration, ivy search hibernate locally only,
giving me a fail, and wicket runs fine.

Is it possible to do that?


Alan R.

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