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From Juha Ranta <>
Subject Re: Continuous integration and deciding whether to build
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 22:25:10 GMT

On 29.2.2008, at 23:55, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
> ah OK, I was thinking that the dynamic revision you talk about was a  
> project one. So your issue is in fact with your repository.

I want to create "snapshots" or "baselines" of my project. I want to  
create "snapshots" so that I can reproduce my build from the source,  
branch that snapshot to a release branch, etc. If I tag a project with  
an ivy.xml that has dynamic dependencies in it, I can't reproduce that  
build with the tag alone. I've already figured out a way so that I can  
reproduce my builds, but I haven't yet got the builds to figure out  
when there's new dependencies to build against.

> First, maybe it is a bad idea to have lastest.integration on a  
> repository, see Stephane's mail in the "ivy integration with  
> automated build tools" thread in this mailing list.
> If you really want to deal with it, maybe you can try to work with  
> the cache which holds that last dependency report. First you save  
> the old report, then you trigger an ivy:resolve which will generate  
> another report, and finally we could compare the both report to see  
> if something changed. And it might be interesting to have a such  
> feature in Ivy if you are willing to contribute :)

I'll try to see that thread, but I'm not putting ivy files that say  
"latest.integration" in a repository. However, I do think that I'll  
put the artifacts created by CI server to repository and even tag  
them. This will create a lot of artifacts, tags and other mess, but  
it's possible to clean these. I like this approach over creating Maven  
style snapshot artifacs for various reasons.

> Nicolas

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