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From David Benua <>
Subject Re: Configuration from remote repositories
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 10:28:29 GMT

In my usage scenario, any sub-project that needs to "publish" (i.e. a 
reusable library module) will need BOTH resolvers.  They will use the 
HTTP resolver to "retrieve" their dependencies, and the SFTP resolver to 
  "publish" their artifacts after a build.

Subprojects which don't publish (because their code isn't re-used by 
other applications / customers) just "retrieve" from HTTP, they don't 
need SFTP at all. (These subprojects are still in SVN, just not in Ivy).

I did this for 2 reasons:
1) Performance of the HTTP resolver is much faster, and some of our 
users are a long way away over slow VPN or SSH connections.
2) We can give wide access to everybody (HTTP allows public 
reading/browsing) and control updates more tightly.


Xavier Hanin wrote:
> Since only one of the two resolvers is used at a time (if I understand 
> correctly), I'd rather define only one in two different settings files 
> (with the same name), and include either one or the other file depending 
> on the environment. You can do this with a naming convention for the 
> file name and using a property to define which file to load. But it's 
> mainly a matter of taste, behavior should be the same.
> Xavier

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