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From David Benua <>
Subject Re: Configuration from remote repositories
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 00:32:54 GMT

Thanks for the quick turnaround on this.

I've tried it, and as you said, it works (even if it's not documented). 
Here are the settings (so far) in the remote directory:

    <property name="repo.path" value="/home/ivyrep/repo" />
       <url name="local-http" >
pattern="${ivy.settings.dir}/[organization]/[module]-ivy-[revision].xml" />

       <sftp name="local-sftp" host="${}" 
port="${ivyrepo.port}" user="${ivyrepo.user}" 
userPassword="${ivyrepo.password}" >
pattern="${repo.path}/[organization]/[module]-ivy-[revision].xml" />


I've been able to retrieve with both resolvers. I'm sure that I'll have 
to add more options once we get going for real.  I expect we'll need to 
have integration (SNAPSHOT) builds, and separate configurations for 
building and testing, so I'm sure this will evolve before we're fully 

>      (I've also tried specifying
>     the settings file url in the <settings> or <configure> node, and that
>     doesn't work properly: it still looks for ivysettings.xml in my local
>     directory)
> This is strange and is clearly a bug. Could you open an issue with more 
> details about what you tried?

All I tried was specifying an HTTP url in the <settings> tag.  Thinking 
about it now, it's not something that really would have helped: we're 
going to need some local configuration options, and this approach would 
not have worked.


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