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From David Benua <>
Subject Configuration from remote repositories
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 21:34:22 GMT
We're just starting out with Ivy, and I have some questions about how to 
set up configuration in 2.0.

We have built our own repository, and I'd like to store as much of the 
configuration as possible with the repository. When the repository is on 
a file system, this is easy: in the <ivysettings> just <include 
file="/path/remote/directory/ivysettings.xml" />

However, we're a distributed team (spread across 8 time zones and 2 
continents), and we cannot guarantee file access from everywhere.  Also, 
we have some team members who will build "applications" which don't need 
to be published into Ivy (and others who maintain library modules which 
must be published).

My plan was to use a dual protocol structure: use http for resolve and 
retrieve and use sftp when we publish a module.  I've put a copy of our 
repository up on a server with linux / apache and I can perform retrieve 
from both http and sftp.

What I cannot figure out is how to manage the configuration of the 
repository.  You cannot "include" a URL, and of course the URL is 
slightly different between the 2 protocols.  (I've also tried specifying 
the settings file url in the <settings> or <configure> node, and that 
doesn't work properly: it still looks for ivysettings.xml in my local 

We can place "sample" ivysettings.xml files up on the web server (and 
have project authors add them to the build files), but this isn't the 
same as having them centrally located where we can make changes to 
repository structure should we need to.

Any thoughts on the best way to configure this?


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