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From Christoffer Soop <>
Subject Re: problem building Ivy [Was: Using the configuration as part of the artifact pattern]
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 21:50:01 GMT
Xavier Hanin skrev:
> I guess you have a version of Ivy in your ant lib, thus this takes
> precendence over the version of Ivy you are building which should be used
> during Ivy build.
I doubt this is the case - as far as I can tell the jar files in the ant 
dist there is no ivy there... I would guess you can reproduce the error 
by using a completely clean Ant dist, the Ivy trunk and a cleaned out 
Ivy cache. I haven't used Ant in a while and pulled down the version 
1.7.0 for the sole purpose of building Ivy.

(Ivy would be the one thing that could make me consider using Ant 
instead of Maven2 for a Java project - here I am using Ivy with NAnt and 
C#/.NET as mentioned previously.)

> Allright, so I guess the best solution is to use the namespace aware
> version. About IVY-567,  we haven't applied the patch yet because the
> solution is not very satisfying, due to the poor support for classpath in
> jar (you have to have the dependencies at the exact right relative location,
> I really dislike this). What would be much more satisfying IMO is to remove
> the dependency on commons-cli, to make Ivy runnable alone. This is more work
> though...
Another option, which I would guess is not really to your taste, would 
be to actually include the commons-cli in the ivy jar file. Admittedly 
this is not a very elegant solution but why reinvent the wheel when the 
commons-cli is exactly the functionality you need? A point to consider 
is that it is not nearly as much work as roll your own version...


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