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From Christoffer Soop <>
Subject Re: Using the configuration as part of the artifact pattern
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 22:59:34 GMT
Xavier Hanin skrev:
> Ok, on the command line, the option to disable validation is -novalidate.
Ouch! I must have scanned the options from the help message a dozen 
times but somehow missed it - sorry for the inconvenience! (But thanks 
for the help...)

> BTW, the latest trunk version allow to keep validation while using extra
> attributes, by using namespaces:
Cool!  I did try to compile it before but ran into a validation issue of 
the ivy:settings task:

C:\cygwin\tmp\ivy\build.xml:50: ivy:settings doesn't support the 
"override" attribute

Could this be because the bootstrap mechanism pulls an old version of 
ivy from the ivy repository?  Just deleting the offending attribute from 
the build.xml makes the project compile, but I guess this is not the 
right way to go about it...

> This maybe a cleaner approach if you can afford relying on the trunk version
> ATM.
Well... I am already patching ivy to make the ivy jar runnable and to 
include the commons-cli dependency inside the manifest's Class-Path 
attribute. (And I have voted for the IVY-567! :-)



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