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From Christoffer Soop <>
Subject Re: Using the configuration as part of the artifact pattern
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 21:42:38 GMT
Thanks for the reply, some further questions below regarding using a 
custom attribute...

Xavier Hanin skrev:
>> I am trying to set up a custom repository where artifacts are stored in
>> a configuration subdirectory of the module. For this I am using the
>> artifact pattern
>>   [organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[conf]/[artifact].[ext]
>> ... in the resolver configuration.
> Search over the mailing list and our JIRA and you should find an issue
> opened about this, where I explain why this is not supported, and suggest
> the workaround you've already found. Feel free to add your vote to the JIRA
> issue.
I am trying to get a custom attribute working but am having trouble 
disabling the XML validation.  I am using a very simple configuration 
file with the line

	<settings defaultResolver="local" validate="false" />

... as per the instruction in the settings reference.  I am aware of the 
fact that this setting can be overridden from elsewhere but am not 
explictely turning on validation anywhere.  Since I am trying to use Ivy 
for resolving C# dependencies in .NET using NAnt I run Ivy from the 
command line.

Q: Is there a way to force disbling of validation by setting a -D 
property or similar?

Interestingly enough validation does not seem to be in effect for the 
ivy settings file itself since I can add any attribute without getting 
an error. That the file is used I can tell from the other settings and 
the Ivy output.

Q: Any the theory on why validation is still in effect?

Best regards,


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