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From Christoffer Soop <>
Subject Using the configuration as part of the artifact pattern
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 22:47:25 GMT

I am trying to set up a custom repository where artifacts are stored in 
a configuration subdirectory of the module. For this I am using the 
artifact pattern


... in the resolver configuration.

However, using this artifact pattern always makes the [conf] part be 
replaced by "default", regardles of what configurations are resolved. To 
reproduce this behaviour, just call the default target of the 
filter-framework project in the configuration example from the ivy 
distribution, with the "ivy.local.default.artifact.pattern" pattern set.

   cd src/example/configurations/multi-projects/filter-framework
   ant -D:ivy.local.default.artifact.pattern=\

Is this behaviour a defect or am I missing something?

If I am missing something, could somebody kindly give me a hint on how 
to make the configuration tutorial work an artifact path similar to 
mine? Would be much appreciated...

NOTE: When using the [conf] placeholder in the *retrieve* pattern, 
[conf] is replaced by the different configurations, exactly as stated in 
the configurations tutorial.



PS/I suppose a work around would be to use a homegrown flavour 
attribute, i.e. specifying the publicised artifacts as

   <artifact name="module-artifact" type="jar" flavour="Debug" />

... dependencies a

   <dependency org="org" name="module" rev="1.0" flavour="Debug" />

... and using an artifact pattern of


... but it would be rather nice to use the configuaration feature, since 
different configurations is exactly what I need.

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