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From Harald Braumann <>
Subject Re: specify versions separate from dependencies
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:33:49 GMT
On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:50:43 +0100
"Xavier Hanin" <> wrote:

> BTW, I think that changing the dependency resolution algorithm in a
> 2.0.xrelease is pretty strange. This can easily break builds, which I
> wouldn't
> suspect when upgrading on a 2.0.x stream.
Well, you're not alone there.

> > Maybe similar to a virtual module? It could then be specified by
> > org/name/etc. just like dependencies.
> What do you mean by similar to a virtual module? Virtual module in
> Ivy has a specific sense: it's a module which doesn't publish any
> artifact. But maybe you're not referencing to this concept.

I am. I just wanted to suggest that it shouldn't be a settings file but
something like a module file.

> Personnally I was just thinking about something very similar to maven
> dependency management feature, with slight adaptation to Ivy syntax.
> Something like:
> <ivy-module version="2.0">
>   <info ... />
>   <dependencies>
>   </dependencies>
>   <dependencyManagement>
>     <dependency org="foo" name="bar" rev="1.0"  />
>   </dependencyManagement>
> </ivy-module>

So in this case foo-bar-1.0 could actually be a virtual module, but as
it is specified under dependencyManagement, it wouldn't pull in the
dependencies but just override the versions.

> Maybe we could allow to have wildcards in organization or module
> names, using a matcher attribute to specify which matcher to use:
>   <dependencyManagement>
>     <dependency org="foo" name="bar-*" rev="1.0" matcher="glob"  />
>   </dependencyManagement>
> >
> > > Could you open an issue about that?
> >
> > Of course I can also open an issue now so it won't be forgotten, if
> > so desired.
> Opening the issue now does not require much understanding of Ivy
> concepts. Since Ivy is supposed to be compatible with maven2, you can
> first open a simple bug stating that Ivy does not support
> dependencyManagement feature of maven2 with transitive dependencies.
> Then later you (or somebody else) can open an issue about how we
> could provide a similar feature in Ivy files, and link the two
> issues. 

OK, will do.

> Issues are editable, commentable and a very good way to track
> what should/can be done. And when you open an issue, it's easier for
> us to track that someone in the community asked for it, rather than
> thinking it's something that comes out of the committer team. And
> don't worry, you will never be culprit of anything, it's our "job" as
> Ivy committers to make sure things are implemented with whole
> consistency in mind. Well, it's what we try to do at least :-)
> Xavier


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