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From limbicsystem <>
Subject using cachefileset for creating war files without staging dir
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 03:30:17 GMT


I have a very large build with hundreds of artifacts.  In order to create
war and ear files with their dependent libs in the right place (typically
WEB-INF/lib), I create a temporary "staging" dir, copy in the dependencies
from cachefileset, and then create the war/ear.  This works, but is very
slow due to all the copying.

I can get a significant speedup if I use the fileset references created by
ivy:cachefileset directly when creating the war.  This avoids the
intermediate copying of the dependencies.  It works, but I am unable to
specify the proper location of the libs inside the resulting war/ear, as
they have full paths like
$HOME/.ivy2/cache/organisation/module/jars/foo-1.2.3.jar.  Unfortunately the
war/ear tasks do not take <mapper> arguments.

This is not really an Ivy problem, but I imagine other Ivy users have run
into this.  I'm considering writing a ZipFileSet extension to address this,
but would prefer to use an existing solution if there is one.


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