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From jonathan doklovic <>
Subject Help with complex latest-strategy
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 14:49:47 GMT

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out the proper
latest-strategy for my requirements....

Basically, our projects are run iteratively and we have a versioning
system that I'm not sure how to configure in ivy.

Basically the pattern is:

[project]-[major].[minor].[bugfix]M[iteration]r[svn rev]t[timestamp]

The M[iteration] denotes which iteration we're in before a full release.

The r[svn rev] denotes the svn revision and will always be present for

The t[timestamp] denotes the time of the build and is only present if a
developer does a publish outside of our automated build system.

So chronologically it would go somethinng like:

project-1.0.0M1r130  //ant automated iteration 1 build

project-1.0.0M1r130t20080215-120005 //a developer build against the same
svn rev (might be multiples of these with different timestamps)

project-1.0.0M1r131 //a new automated svn build
... repeat steps above ...

project-1.0.0M2r132 //a new automated iteration
... repeat steps above ...

project-1.0.0 //finale release of 1.0.0

Can anyone tell me how create a latest-strategy so ivy understands this?


- Jonathan

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