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From "Xavier Hanin" <>
Subject Re: IVYDE - what are the alternatives?
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 06:35:12 GMT
On Jan 16, 2008 5:44 PM, Loehr, Ruel <> wrote:

> First,   I'm a big fan of ivy.   When we use it through command line, it
> is flawless.
> The eclipse integration is starting to become painful to the point that we
> are investigating alternatives.
> The first issue I ran into was when dealing with snapshots:

The good news is that next IvyDE version will fix this, thanks to the work
done on cache management in Ivy trunk. I mean it should be fixed with
current IvyDE trunk version...

> <>
> This morning one the developers reported that
> "appears that in JBDevstudio 1.0.0 GA at least, setting source attachments
> on jars in the ivy container doesn't work, so i can't debug into or navigate
> third-party source like ibatis."
> I'll investigate this and open a jira if necessary

You can open a jira, IvyDE doesn't support ad hoc source attachment. What
IvyDE supports is automatic source and javadoc attachment if you provide
such artifacts in your metadata. This works very well with maven 2 public
repository too with current IvyDE trunk version.

> , but it leads to me the questions.....
> 1)       We're betting the farm so to speak on IVYDE.   Are other people
> experiencing the same sort of difficulties?

I can't speak for the whole community but I guess so. IvyDE is far from
being as polished as Ivy, and I understand people get into trouble.

> 2)       If so, how are you handling it?   Developing in eclipse is here
> to stay for  us ;)  I need to make this bulletproof for our devs.

I fix problems when something is wrong in my environment. OK, you'll say
that I'm a committer, so it's easy for me. But I'll answer that this is open
source and anybody can fix what's wrong. The only difference is that you
have to get through a patch to get your fix applied to the official IvyDE
sources. But knowing how IvyDE works currently I suggest taking the
words in the license very carefully. And as such I strongly suggest using it
only if you can afford its maintenance yourself.

> 3)       I've already built an ant task to generate an eclipse classpath
> based off the ivy.xml.   I realize that this is essentially how maven
> handles their ide integration.  Maintaining what is essentially a fork from
> the "best practices" isn't all that appealing to me though.

You're not the only one to have written this, I even wonder if there isn't
something available  in open source to do this kind of thing. And I wouldn't
say you deviate from "best practices". I think best practices is to use tool
you can rely on. Can you rely on IvyDE? It depends what kind of usage you
have, I suggest running acceptance tests in your environment to see if it
works well enough for you. But I suggest this for any tool, being open
source or commercial. The problem with IvyDE is that it doesn't pass the
acceptance test very often :-(

> I'm patiently awaiting the first official apache release and seeing  how
> that goes, but if I'm still seeing issues I'm going to have to deviate from

I understand. I would love to be able to do enough to avoid that... more on
this in my reply to other e-mails in this thread...


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Xavier Hanin - Independent Java Consultant

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